Solve Your site doesn’t follow Instant Articles policies quick

Facebook Minimal readership problem.
Solve minimal readership instant article problem quick
May 31, 2018
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How to start Digital Marketing agency
August 1, 2018

Your site doesn’t follow Instant Articles policies.

How to solve this problem?  Don’t worry I will tell you how to solve.

As we know we can make a huge amount of money from a Facebook Instant article. But we need to have Good like of our Facebook page to earn money.

Make people earning money, But some people face page suspend problem.  Take a look at how to solve this.

So, let’s get started: –

Your site doesn't follow Instant Articles policiesSolve Your site doesn’t follow Instant Articles policies Problem


Many people face this problem. And there are many reasons for this.


Take a look at why this happens: –


  • If you published Adult content you can face this problem.
  • Violent content is also not allowed in a Facebook Instant article. Violet content means fight content, Caste problems, or any other which can harm people.
  • Any Drugs and Alcohol-related post is not allowed.
  • Bad format.
  • Tragedy and Conflict.
  • Don’t share clickbait and sensationalist content.
  • Low Followers base and low Engagement base.


Here are some other reason for Facebook instant articles suspended: –


You are not active on your page for serval days.

Scary content like surgeries, bodily floods, and other medical procedure.

Don’t sell any promotional product.

Don’t encourage people to like share and comment on your post.

Place ads break perfectly.

Driving traffic to third-party apps or website.


Those are the reasons for Facebook instant articles disable.



How to solve this problem: –


You need to appeal again for an Instant article.

But make sure before submit to appeal, remove all post which is not fit in above section.

Click here to appeal: –

See You’ve Lost Access to Instant Article. Click here to Appeal.



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If you have any question you can ask me in the comment section. And best wishes to your journey of an Instant article.

Thanks for reading.  ( ) 


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