How can I get more followers on Instagram

upload photos to Instagram from PC
upload photos to Instagram from PC
April 26, 2018
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How to make money with
May 24, 2018
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How can I get more followers on Instagram

How can I get more followers on Instagram

How can I get more followers on Instagram

How can I get more followers on Instagram? Today Every person have this question. Don’t worry today I am going to tell you some perfect ways to get more followers on Instagram and How to become an Influencer.

So, Let’s get started,

So first take a look at Instagram: –

Instagram is very big social media platform in the world. It has around 800 million users from all over the world. That’s amazing…

Lots of people have millions of followers on Instagram. Anf they are making a big amount of money with this account. And you can also do that. Just read this complete post.

Some celebrity charge $10000- $50000 per sponsored post. That is really huge amount.

So, Today we are going to learn about How we can also make money like this people. So, without wasting time let’s get started,


How can I get more followers on Instagram


First, you need to find out what you love. And you need to create your account on it. Because any person can work a long time on their passion.

If you like beauty, and you started technology because of scope. Then at one time, you get bored, and you can give up. So, find your passion and create an account on it.

If you love cooking then create an account on a cooking recipe. Where you can get sponsored by some Masala companies. There are lots of opportunities.

If you love movies, then create an account on Celebrity gossip.

If you love painting, then account on Arts.

Means I want to say Find your passion and start your account on it.  


So let’s come to the main part Boost your Instagram followers 

Instagram Followers Boost


Step 1:  –

Don’t just create an account on Instagram. You need to create an account on all big social media sites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, Google plus and on other big platforms.

Because It helps you to drive your visitors from one platform to another platform. And people will start following you on multiple social media channel.

E.g: When you create a YouTube channel you can say at last of the video, Hey follow us on Instagram, twitter etc. And trust me 1-3 people really go to your profile and start following you.

How can I get more followers on Instagram

How can I get more followers on Instagram

Credit: – Pixabay and Wikimedia common



Use popular Hashtags.

With the help of popular hashtags your post will reach to many people and because of this, some people might start following you.

How to find Popular hashtag- 

You can use Hashtagify to find most popular hashtag. Actually, this is paid method.

How to find in free: –

When you are posting any images/video you can find out How many people used this hashtag. Pick some popular hashtag and use in your post.

how can i get more followers on instagram

how can I get more followers on Instagram

Like in this image you can see Digital hashtag is used 88,21,193 times. You can find popular hashtag like this in your niche and use them in your post.


Step 3: – 

Try posting combination of Images and videos.

As we can see in today’s time most of the people prefer to watch a video instead of reading a text.

And in 2020 there are around 80 % people can watch the only video.

Means you need to think for a long term. So start making the video for your account.

How to make a video: – 

If you don’t have a camera and you don’t have a budget then you can start shooting with your mobile camera.

You can record your voice with the help of any mic.

get likes on instagram

Step 4: – 

Reach out to big influencer in your niche.

Ya, If you want to increase targeted followers in a minimum amount of time then you need to contact to influencer in your niche.

Influencer helps you to increase your followers list. You just need to pay them as per they want.


Step 5: – 

Promote your post with Instagram marketing.

Yes, You can run ads on Instagram. You just need to have a business account on Instagram.

You can start promoting your ads with the little budget. ( from $1 )




if your product is not good then marketing is not going to help you for a long term.

A person will only come to your account with the help of marketing then you need to convert this visitor into follower with the help of your good quality content. So focus on quality content. And then do marketing of your content. With this formula, you are going to get lot’s of followers on your account.


So, What we learn: –

  • Start an account on what your love.  ( On only one niche )
  •  Create a profile on multiple social media. And do cross promotion.
  •  Find out a popular hashtag and use them in your post.
  • Start posting on a combination of Image and video.
  • Promote your account with the help of Instagram account.
  • Work on good quality content and then do marketing. You can do with the help of Influencer.

So, Thanks for reading How can I get more followers on Instagram, if you want more information you can ask me in the comment section.


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Thanks again. Have a good day.





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