Solve minimal readership instant article problem quick

How to make money with
How to make money with
May 24, 2018
Your site doesn't follow Instant Articles policies
Solve Your site doesn’t follow Instant Articles policies quick
June 8, 2018

Learn How to solve Facebook Minimal readership problem.

Facebook Minimal readership problem.

Hello peoples,

If you are using a Facebook Instant article. Then you can face a problem of minimal readership instant article


What is a reason if your  page face  minimal readership instant article problem


  • If your page has not engaged with your customer, then you need can face this problem.
  • I experienced this problem 4 months back.I have a page with 24K likes, But when I publish an Instant article on my page, only 100- 200 people click per post and then I face this  Minimal readership problem.
  • If you are inactive for 90 days then you can face this problem. You need to publish at least 1 article in 90 days.



What Facebook wants: –

Facebook wants more people to click on your Instant article. I don’t know the actual amount of traffic to run your Instant article successfully.

But I think, If you get 500- 1000 clicks on your per day is ok, to run Instant article successfully.

Post Instant article regularly.


 How to get access to an Instant article again


Step 1: – Reapply for Access when your article have more engagement. 


Step 2: – You need to verify your Domain again.

  • To regain access to a Facebook Instant article you need to go through Domain Review process.


Step 3: – Submit 10 new articles for review.

  • Write 10 fresh articles and then apply again for the Facebook Instant article.


Those 3 ways will help you to regain your access to the Facebook Instant article.




You need to focus on multiple things to run Facebook Instant article continuously. Follow this and be safe from Facebook Minimal readership problem.

Here is what you need to be aware of: – 

  • Make sure your website needs to be easy, Complete and reflects the positive experience.
  • Properly format your ads.
  • You get suspended if you did not follow Instant article policies, Inactive, Minimal readership.
  • Please go to this page to learn more about a Facebook Instant article.


Learn More: – How to set up Facebook Instant article to WordPress website.

If you have any question, you can ask me in the comment section.


Thanks for reading


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