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make money from YouTube
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Easy steps to make money on Youtube

Easy steps to make money on Youtube


I will share some Easy steps to make money on Youtube. Youtube is big video service on the Internet. There are millions of video on YouTube. If you really want to make money online then YouTube is the best way to make it. There are so many people earning millions of dollars from Youtube.

If you have a passion for something just make a good video on it. E.g. If you love to workout then you can create a video on workout and bodybuilding tips. You can tell people about How to do exercise, and Which supplement they need to take.

Easy steps to make money on Youtube

How to make money on YouTube: –

  • First, you need to create Youtube channel. And make a good quality content video.
  • When you will get 10000 views on your channel you can enable monetization ( ads on your video) to your channel.
  • Make sure you need to work hard.
  • When you get 4-5 thousand subscribers you can earn good money.
  • make sure do not publish any sexual and abusive video. If you publish a video like this your channel get banned from Youtube. And you lose your all work what you have done on Channel.
  • People who have thousands of subscribers earn millions of dollars.


Easy steps to make money on Youtube


Step 1:- Make money from Google Adsense.

Easy steps to make money on Youtube
Easy steps to make money on Youtube


Google Adsense is the best way to make money from Youtube. You can earn between 1$- 10$ per 1000 views. And Google Adsense is the primary source to make money from Youtube.

  • You just to enable monetization option from your Channel after you get 10000 views on your channel.
  • If your video is greater than 10 minutes then you can add multiple ads in your video. And make more money from it.


Step 2: – Make money from the sponsored video

Easy steps to make money on Youtube
Sponsored video on YouTube


The sponsored ad is a great way to make a huge amount of money on Youtube. If you have a good amount of subscribers and people trust your video then you can make huge money.

  • A company comes to you or you can ask a company for a sponsored video.
  • You need to promote those companies service or any other product on your youtube video.
  • For more How to get a Sponsered ad.
  • When you publish a video you get paid from sponsored. Some people get $1000 to $100000 from just one sponsored video.

The best place to find our sponsor for your channel : –

FameBit: – FameBit is an amazing platform for advertiser and influencer. You just need to apply proposal for sponsorship.


Step 3: – Make money from Affiliate Marketing 

Easy steps to make money on Youtube
Affiliate marketing on YouTube

If your channel or reviewing product then affiliate marketing is a big income source for you. It is not just about the review, You can do affiliate for any product that you use in the video. Make sure don’t fool people or tell wrong about any product. When people trust you they buy from you. What you will need to do is:-

  • You need to join an affiliate program like Amazon or  Flipkart.
  • You just need to add the affiliate link of product in YouTube description.

Like This

Easy steps to make money on Youtube
Affiliate links on YouTube

Easy steps to make money on Youtube

Some Tips to get more Subscribers and Views On YouTube

  • Post engaging content on your Channel.
  • Do hard work. One day definitely you get success.
  • Make a good quality video. Like your video quality, and your video content needs to be good.
  • Share your video on Facebook and other social media. Sharing is one of the best ways to get more views on YouTube.
  • Tell your viewers to subscribe your channel at the end of the video. E.g. : – Hello friends, I hope you like this video. Please like, share and subscribe.
  • You can also promote the video on Google Adwords to get more views. You can see this option in video manager of YouTube like this:-
Easy steps to make money on Youtube
Promote YouTube Video
  • Share your video on WhatsApp.
  • Add perfect Title, description, and tags in your video.

Also, read this: –  How to make money from WhatsApp.

Also, read this: –How to make millions of dollars from Facebook.


Easy steps to make money on Youtube

Which Tool is better for YouTube

TubeBuddy is the best toolkit for getting more subscribers and views on your channel. With TubeBuddy you can find out keyword in just a minute. You don’t need to research keyword.

  • TubeBuddy helps you to create a custom thumbnail for your video.
  • With TubeBuddy you can you can translate tag in your language.
  • TubeBuddy helps you to share your video.
  •  This is the best ToolKit for YouTube.


Best topics for Youtube channel

  • If you love shooting and traveling then you can start Vlog.
  • Some people love to play games. So, they can record gaming video.
  • You can also make a video of Unboxing product.
  • There are so many options like beauty tips, Technical video.

For more topics: – Click Here

Thanks for readings. If you want more information then ask me in the comment section. I love to help peoples.

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