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Digital Marketer meetup by Indian Digital Club

Digital Marketer meetup by Indian Digital Club. Hello guys, Today I am going to share some movement on Digital marketing meetup which organized by Indian Digital club. 

First, learn about what is Indian Digital Club: – 

An Indian digital club is a facebook group, Page, and website founded by Snehal Chandak ( A passionate Digital Marketer ).  


Indian Digital Club logo: – 

Indian Digital Club Logo


Founder: – Snehal Chandak


So, Let’s start to learn more about Digi Meetup: – 

Speaker: – Kunal Bujaj

Some Information about Kunal Bajaj: – Kunal Bajaj is Project Manager at GOMO group from 2 years 2 months ( present ).  Kunal Bajaj is Digital Marketer, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and cool guy. He is very passionate about the new thing in Digital Marketing. So, thanks Kunal Sir to teach us Advanced Content marketing.

Digital Marketer meetup by Indian Digital Club

History of Kunal Bajaj: – 

Project Manager at GOMO group  [ 2 years 2 month ]

Head of Digital Marketing at  BuzzFactory.net  [ for 3 years ] 

Business Development at Creos Media [ 1 year 4 month ]

Newbie at Buzz quotient [ 4 months ] 


If you want to know more about Kunal SIR Go to

 LinkedIn profile of-  Kunal Bajaj 

Ok let’s Take a look at what we learn in this MeetUp

Topic: Content Marketing

Important: – This is not the Exactly same information that Kunal sir teach us, I wrote this content as per my understanding.

So, let’s start: –


1. Content Marketing: – Content Marketing means Content+ Marketing.

Content:- If you are writing a 1000 words article without Images, Infographics, Video then your article is boring for peoples. You need to write your content with customer view.

Marketing: – Writing a good content is not going to bring you lots of visitors. You need to Distribute ( Market ) your content.

So, Where can you distribute your content: –

  • Social Media: Share your links on social media
  • Google Ads: – You can advertise your content with Google Search, Google Display Network.
  • Facebook Ads


2. Future of SEO:– In the past few years mobile users are rapidly increasing. And today lot’s of people browsing the Internet from their mobile device. 

So How people search from there mobile device: – 

Actually, a mobile device is very easy to use. You can search by your Voice. You just need to say OK GOOGLE once and then mobile device can listen to your query and give you a better result.  According to Sundar Pichai ( The CEO of Google ), 20 percent of queries on Mobile App and Android device is voice search.  And its rapidly increasing.


Learn more: – How to optimize a website for Voice Search


3. Content Distribution: – You write a good content and hit a publish button. And you think you are going to get lot’s of visitors because you wrote a good content. But that’s not going to happen. You need to Distribute your content in different areas of the Internet.

Where you can distribute your content: – 

  • Forum Websites: – There are many Forum which allows you to create  Dofollow and Nofollow link to your website.

What you need to do in this forum: – 

Find forum which has DA more than 30. Then start answering people question related to your content. 

In your answer, you can add your website link to Anchor text.

here is image how people place website link: –

Digital Marketer meetup by Indian Digital Club


Read more: – Here is a list of High DA Forum


Some Images And Video of DigiMeetup: –

Digital Marketer meetup by Indian Digital Club

Digital Marketer meetup by Indian Digital Club

Digital Marketer meetup by Indian Digital Club Digital Marketer meetup by Indian Digital Club


Short Video:  – 


Thanks for reading our content. If you want more information you can ask me in a comment. 


 Amazing Person in the Digi MeetUp

Digital Marketer meetup by Indian Digital Club

Meet Gurpreet Singh a Digital Marketer with an eye-catching smile.  He wants to achieve big in his life. All the best buddy. Oho, Bande ki smile to Dekho yar, Koi bhi ladki pagal ho jayegi.

Thanks for reading.



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